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The Kitchen is the heart of the home

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Have you ever thought about why people tend to gather together in the kitchen?

Originally, kitchens were designed for preparing food and cooking meals. So, what makes the kitchen the heart of the home?

Some people would say that while life is made in the bedroom, it's lived in the kitchen. Others might disagree. Well, what's your opinion?

We thought about it and prepared 3 reasons why the kitchen might be the real heart of your home.

1. It's the place where food is

Here is where the magic is made which transforms groceries into fabulous meals: delicious medium rare steak with creamy potato mash or finger licking roasted chicken with fresh vegetable salad and rice. Food is one of the most important things in our lives. Without food there is no life. Just this by itself is enough to make the kitchen the most important room of the house. The amount of time we spend in kitchen is huge and that's why kitchen should be practical and make our life easier.

2. It's the new living room

That's why the design is as much important as practicality. You want to be proud of your kitchen when your family and friends come over. Two things happen when people meet - food and conversation. The kitchen is the only place which allows you to do both at the same time. It's not as in past when you spent hours and hours preparing food alone in small kitchen before your friends come. Instead, preparing food become a social event when your friends or family members just waltz into the kitchen, share beer or wine with you and help you with the magic. In the modern kitchen, there is no such a thing any more as "too many cooks in one kitchen".

3. It's where children learn to help

Mommy is cooking dinner while children are doing their homework. There would be no better place rather than kitchen to let the mom keep an eye on her kids while cooking. Children are very emphatic and they see that their mom might be exhausted after work. They don't want ti see her to burn out, so they happily give a help hand with preparing food. The older ones could help with the cooking or setting up the table for dinner. Kitchen would be the first place for them to experience housework. Therefore, it turns just from plain mostly unpopular cooking to family event which could be enjoyed by the whole family. Moreover, it educates and involves children to housework.

Contemporary kitchen
The Kitchen the heart of the home

Every house has a kitchen, and it's necessary. There is no other room which serves such a distinct purpose. Kitchen is not inexpensive, let alone functional modern kitchens. Having this kind of kitchen is blessing and it makes your life much easier and peaceful. So think carefully when it comes to your new kitchen and let Swan Kitchens to help you make your kitchen the heart of your home.

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Kitchen Blog

It’s very rewarding when people take the time to write to us. When they leave their feedback about how happy they are with our work and the new kitchen. Here are some of the nice things which our customers have said about us. 

“Many thanks for all your patience and professional advice on helping us with our kitchen choice. We are delighted with the finished product, and will recommend you in the future.
Regards, Keith and Sylvia”

Keith and Sylvia / Paramatta

“I have experienced nothing but efficiency, politeness and brilliant customer service from every single member of the team that looked after us. Our designer was magnificent as our kitchen had one wall that went at an angle and caused many problems. But he would not be beaten and eventually overcame the problems and produced a design that has delighted us. Without our designer’s tenacity and constant contact, I don’t think the end result would have been so great. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone…”

Steve and Ronda Asling / Bondi

“Thank you very much for the care and attention given to supplying and fitting our new kitchen. From design to fitting we received an excellent standard of service and we were kept informed every step of the way. Appointments were always punctual and your fitter worked very hard. The standard of the kitchen is excellent. We would highly recommend you to friends and family.”

Nigel and Su Smith / Harrington Grove

“After doing hours of research, Swan Kitchens stood out as the ideal choice because the kitchens are the great value and made incredibly well. This surprised me as they are of German quality and something you would usually associate as the top end of the market, but they are in fact the same, if not cheaper than many of their competitors. We had concerns that perhaps they wouldn’t be able to sort out our kitchen because we live in Jersey but they were more than happy to help us and said distance wasn’t a problem… I would recommend Swan Kitchens to anyone who is thinking of buying a kitchen.”

Heather Cummins / North Epping

“It is with great pleasure that my wife and I write this letter of satisfaction. The precision and excellence manufacturing, quality of materials used and an expert designer was truly a recipe for success with which we were not disappointed… Because of the high quality not only of the product but also the service shown to us, we would not hesitate in recommending Swan Kitchens to all our friends and anyone else contemplating a new kitchen.”

Dave and Corris Leasor / Camden

“My heartfelt thank you for all the hard work done to resemble my kitchen as beautiful as it turned out! I'm very pleased & happy to see the result of your great team-work, and spirit. A very special "thank you" for Oleg on consistency, dedication and customer care, to deliver a quality work in a professional manner. Wish you all success for future businesses! I'm happy to recommend Swan Kitchens with proud!

Eva Vasas / Cronulla

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